The Issues

Fighting for the Unborn

Mike Ghassali is a devoted Christian and very active at his church. He believes every life is worth fighting for – born and unborn – and will fight to protect all life from the moment of conception.  

  • Will fight to protect all life from the moment of conception.
  • Supports promoting adoption services and will seek to remove the barriers which could place children in loving homes.

Less Taxes

Mike Ghassali is a fiscal conservative who has consistently worked hard to eliminate tax increases and cut costs as a councilman and as mayor.  As a successful business owner, Mike knows that more taxes don’t create more jobs, they hurt our economy and affect the family budgets of hard-working Americans. 

  • Will work to bring in more businesses to the district.  A simple proven formula; businesses bring employees, vendors and suppliers; employees need services such as housing, cars and daily needs; they pay taxes and stimulate commerce; eliminate corporate tax appeals, and the end result is that we pay less taxes. 
  • He will create a Congressional Economic Development committee that will seek national and global companies and encourage them to choose North Jersey as their home.

Protecting the 2nd Amendment

As a responsible gun owner since 1990, he will fight to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, and our liberties.  Mike will oppose any legislation that takes away your right to protect yourself and your loved ones.   

He will fight to take away guns from criminals and those who want to use guns to cause harm to people.  He believes only responsible, mature and fully vetted people should be allowed to purchase guns.

Less Spending

Career politicians are spending our country into bankruptcy and causing our national debt to reach far into the trillions.  As a businessman, Mike believes Washington, the state, the county, and each town need to live within its means, just like families and small-businesses do every day, and just like he was able to operate in his town.

Mike also understands that cutting costs start locally.  Every town will have to do its share and cut unnecessary spending, and the same for county and the state to do the same, and all need to really look at where our money is being spent. 

  • Supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution
  • Believes Members of Congress should go without pay unless Congress passes a balanced budget on time
  • Will vote for legislation requiring an audit of the Federal Reserve
  • Will push and provide support for Zero Based Budgeting within the district every ten years


America’s roads, bridges, and waterways are crumbling because of neglect from Washington, and New Jersey has a crisis on our hands if we can’t invest in our infrastructure needs soon. Our bridges and roads are not meeting the needs of our growing communities, and job creators will not invest in our communities if they don’t have the facilities they need to transport goods throughout New Jersey and the country.  He will work closely with the administration to prove the need and bring money to fund the Gateway project. 


Americans are struggling to keep up with today’s rising healthcare costs and Congress has failed to act after years of promises. A one-size-fits-all approach with increased government regulation is not the answer.  He believes that we and our doctors should be able to make our healthcare choices, not the insurance companies.

  • Oppose any efforts that would create a big government, Medicare for all system and instead supports a personalized, patient-centered approach that ensures competition, covers pre-existing conditions, and lowers the costs of healthcare premiums. 
  • Allow small-businesses to work together and buy insurance across state lines so they are not affected by costly state-mandated laws driving up premiums. 

Fighting for our Servicemen and Women

We have to keep the promises we made to our veterans and give them the healthcare and dignity they rightly deserve when they return home from service to our country.

  • Will fight to help veterans navigate the federal bureaucracy of health care and believes we must continue expanding ways for veterans to receive healthcare from private doctors.
  • Supports legislation for survivors of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to receive treatment of their choice outside the VA system.
  • Supports all efforts to fully fund and rebuild our nation’s military at levels our generals believe is needed and will vote to provide the pay increases our men and women in military uniform deserve.

Civil Rights and Equality

Mike believes that everyone should be treated equally no matter what their background, race, sexual orientation, color, religion, how they speak or how they look.  However, he does not support others forcing their way of life on him and his family, or forcing to agree with them and their way of life.  Government stops at our front door.

Standing for Strong America and Immigration Policy

There are people who hate our way of life and mean us harm.  There are countries who don't follow the rules and work hard every day to acquire means to harm our great country and our allies.  Mike is for a strong, well trained and equipped military with the best technology and expertise available in the universe.  He will support all legislations that will help the men and women in uniform and without uniform who ensure our safety every minute of the day, stateside and around the globe. 

Stands for controlled borders and strong immigration policies.  Having open borders is a national security risk.  He is proud to always say that he and his family came through the front door, they knocked and this great country opened its doors with all the greatness that it has to offer.  FOLLOW THE PROCESS.  He strongly believes that we need to address the root causes.  Why are people coming here? largely because they don't have work in their home countries.  He will work to implement commerce solutions in those countries and create jobs.  People don't really want to leave their homeland unless they are at risk or don't have jobs to be able to work at and support their families. Mike understand oppression and understands why people want to leave their countries, and he will work hard to implement long term solutions.  

The Environment

 Human health and safety is the first and most important issue in environmental concerns, as humans are our country’s most valuable resource.  Whether or not anyone believes in global warming, we have to take care of our planet and ensure its survival continues long after we are all gone.  Recycling and reducing waste is a must and will support any reasonable legislation that will help to reduce waste and reduce landfill stock.  Taking care of our planet is our obligation and will work with all sides to ensure we leave our planet in a better condition.